Telephone: 07803 273620

What to expect

Patients will firstly be asked to fill out a medical history form. This gives important information about any previous injuries that may be linked to your injury, any conditions that may be hereditary or any contra-indications, which may identify any inappropriate treatments from being used.

The therapist will conduct a subjective assessment. This provides the therapist an initial indication of the injury and potential diagnoses.

This is followed by an objective assessment which is a series of tests performed by the patient, eliminating any differential diagnosis and determines the correct diagnosis.

A personally designed treatment plan is then agreed with the patient. Treatments may include massage, trigger points, frictions, electrotherapy, mobilisations, taping and stretches.

To follow up from your session, you may be given specific exercises to be carried out at home. These could be to improve flexibility, joint strengthening, reduce inflammation or to resolve any incorrect biomechanical movement patterns that may influence you to injury.

At Simson Sports Therapy you can expect a high quality service which will lead you to your aim of feeling 'Fit for Life'.

What to bring

• Appropriate dress (e.g. shorts to change into if examining lower limbs, sleeveless shirt or sports bra if examining upper limbs etc).
• Running and work footwear, if the problem relates to running activities.
• Referral letter from GP, consultant or other referring practitioner, including their e-mail or fax number.
• All reports, x-rays, letters etc relating to your injury.