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Simson Sports Therapy run an excellent all round service. We used the service when our daughter was having trouble which the doctor said was a growing injury that came on during exercise. Simson Sports Therapy provided us with a programme of exercises which she had to do daily to improve strength and stability in the legs and core. After receiving follow up emails and sessions relating to our daughters progress, the symptoms become more manageable and she no longer felt pain when exercising. Her confidence has grown and it's all thanks to Simson Sports therapy.

S.Martin - Warwick

Simson Sports Therapy has been linked with our sports club for many years. They provide us with sports programmes,warm ups, cool downs, rehabilitation work, strapping and other therapy aides that our netball club could not do without. We have definitely benefited from having our own therapist attached to our club and the fitness and lack of injuries portrays this.

Club Coach- Coventry Netball Club

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Simson Sports Therapy for being so flexible with my mobile bookings. I often work very late and work most Saturdays but Simson Sports therapy mobile bookings allowed me to treat my injury alongside my heavy work commitments. When I first saw Simson' my diagnosis was so exact I was referred to see a doctor regarding a knee operation, as the damage was to my knee cartilage. Once I visited my doctor I mentioned I had been seeing a sports therapist. His response after the MRI scan was the exact same diagnosis. I have now had a full knee operation and am on my way to full recovery, with the aid of a rehab programme. Very impressive service.

P.Simon - Coventry

I only see Simson Sports Therapy as and when I feel the need, but I have never been let down. Always a very professional service and results that can be seen. I would recommend the service without a doubt.

L.Clark - Kenilworth

Simson Sports Therapy has definitely helped me overcome the pain I was having with my lower back. I was struggling with everyday activities, even getting around the office at work was a constant pain. Simpson Sports Therapy was recommended to me through a fellow friend and I have not looked back. I arranged a mobile appointment to assess my injury and to see if they could help me at all. After the assessment I started treatment and had some deep tissue massage which helped, but I was advised some further sessions would be beneficial. I booked in at Simson Sports Clinic and had further massages with ongoing treatment of taping. The taping was a huge success as it appeared to relieve any pain I was having with my lower back. I had this treatment for a couple of weeks and the pain went away. I was very impressed with the service and even more so with the level of professionalism. I have already passed on the business card to many of my friends.

G. McDowell - Coventry